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Welcome to Nye Motor Company

Welcome to Nye Motor Company! Our website is designed to make it simple for you to shop for your next pre-owned vehicle. Our unique and easy-to-view inventory makes it simple for our customers to find out important details about all of our pre-owned vehicles in stock. In addition to this, our site makes it convenient for you to apply for financing, value your trade, calculate your payment, or view our monthly vehicle specials.

We encourage you to take the time to explore our inventory of pre-owned vehicles, which includes car makes like Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC, and RAM. Visit our pre-owned showroom today and test drive one of our many outstanding vehicles. You will soon realize that we offer competitive prices, as well as an extensive inventory, to find the pre-owned car that fits both your budget and your style. Our friendly and helpful sales team will assist you with highest level of customer service.

Aside from an extensive vehicle inventory and outstanding customer service, Nye Motor Company offers a number of different financing options to better help you qualify for a loan. This is perhaps one of the most important steps in your car-buying experience. When it comes to financing, there are several factors to take into consideration: down payment, trade-in value, and price of vehicle. If you have any questions regarding your credit or financing options, please visit our financing page.

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What To Bring To Nye Motor Company

Once you decide to make a purchase it is our goal to provide you with a fast and simple experience! Things to bring with you so you can take home your new car, truck, van, or SUV.

A current insurance card
  1. The card must have at least one name of the person(s) whose name(s) will be on the title. The card does not have to be on the vehicle you are purchasing. It can be for a vehicle you currently own.
  2. The insurance card must be valid. This means the card has an effective date that has not expired.
  3. Most Insurance Companies will fax us a current card upon your request.
A Current/Valid Driver’s License(s)
  1. A valid driver’s license(s) for the person(s) purchasing the vehicle with your current address. If you have an address update with your new address listed, that will be required along with your driver’s license(s). If you need to update your address, most states allow you to do so online. You can then print out the temporary renewal or update and bring that along. For PA residents go to: http://www.dmv.pa.gov/Driver-Services/Driver-Licensing/Pages/Change-Your-Name-or-Address.aspx
Are you trading in a vehicle?
  1. If you are trading in a vehicle please bring the current registration card along for that vehicle. We will also need this if you are transferring a license plate to your new vehicle from a previous vehicle.
  2. The title for the vehicle being traded in. If you still are paying off a loan on your trade please bring the bank contact information and account numbers. This will help us to get the exact payoff amount owed on your trade. Whoever is on the title of the vehicle being traded must be along to sign off on the title.
  3. Be sure to bring all people and current drivers license(s) for the people who need to sign any paperwork. This includes anyone on the trade in vehicle title, all people who will be listed on the title for the new vehicle, and bank documents.
  4. We always recommend you call us if you have any questions on what you will need to bring.
Interested in financing a vehicle?
  1. We are glad to assist you in obtaining financing through local banks. If you would like you can complete a credit application online at: WWW.NYEMOTORPA.COM or at the dealership.
Are you an out of state buyer?
  1. All out of state customers will need to bring a certified/cashier’s bank check for any balance not financed through our local banks.
  2. Be sure your driver’s license is current and valid with your correct address listed on it.
  3. Bring along a current and valid insurance card. This does not have to be on the vehicle being purchased.
  4. You will need to purchase a 30-day temporary tag to drive your vehicle home. This will cost about $60. Please bring funds to pay for this fee(cash, credit, debit). If you are towing or having your new car towed a temporary tag does not have to be purchased.
  5. All out of state buyers will be responsible to pay us the final purchase price plus a Document Fee of $98.50
  6. Out of state buyers will pay their sales tax and registration in the state you are registering the vehicle. If your state requires an inspection you will be responsible to obtain that as well. Nye Motor Company does not guarantee out of state inspections.
Payment Options

Once you decide to make a purchase it is our goal to provide you with a fast and simple experience! Things to bring with you so you can take home your new car, truck, van, or SUV.

We accept Cashier’s Checks for full or partial payment. Checks to be made payable to Nye Motor Company.

We accept official bank checks in which you have obtained from your own lending institution. Some lenders will only work with franchised dealerships. Therefore, please confirm your lender with us before deciding to purchase.

Payment by a personal check must be authorized prior to purchase. We do not accept any out of state personal checks.

We will accept cash or money orders up to $5,000 towards the purchase of any vehicle.

We will accept credit/debit card payments up to $2,500 towards the purchase of any vehicle.

If you have any questions concerning any of these payment options please call Nye Motor Company at 717-665-7400. Thank you!

Nye Motor Company

935 Lancaster Rd
Manheim, PA 17545

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935 Lancaster Rd
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